Yanqihu Campus

Yanqi Lake, located 8 km north of Huairou district, Beijing, is the 2014 APEC Meeting site. It is a beautiful water spot at the foot of the Yanshan Mountain. The Great Wall lies to the north of the lake and to the south is the North China Plain.

Every spring and autumn, wild geese visit the lake, which has thus earned the name of Yanqi (meaning the wild geese habitat in Chinese) Lake.

 Yanqihu Campus Map


UCAS International Conference Center

The UCAS International Conference Center (UCAS ICC) is an official conference and reception center maintained by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, located at the UCAS Yanqihu Campus. It is near to such attractions as the Huairou International Conference District, Hongluo Temple, Beijing Huaibei International Ski Resort and Qinglong Gorge. Situated very close to mountains and not far from a lake, UCAS ICC has a splendid natural and cultural environment and is thus an ideal place for conferences, academic exchanges and vacations. UCAS ICC provides such services as conference facilities, accommodation, catering, business and recreational facilities.