International Student Research Forum


The International Student Research Forum was jointly initialed by the 4 universities, including UCAS, UNMC, GU and UT. The first forum with focus on the development of life and medical science was successfully carried out by the Institute of Medical Science at UT in October 2005.


Up to now the Forum has attracted more than 600 students from China, Japan, USA, Australia and other countries. It has been held for 11 times in China, Japan, USA, Australia, Denmark and UK respectively. This year UCAS will host the meeting for the third time at the Yanqihu campus from 12th to 16th of June in Beijing, China.


The Forum aims to attract the world’s brightest upcoming scientists, calling for collaboration beyond the lines of disciplines and nationalities. The forum provides an opportunity to showcase world-class education and research. For the past four years, the Forum has brought together graduate students from some of the world’s most prestigious institutions to discuss their research. All students shared their current research and developed relationships with each other. They competed for the honor of representing their universities at the forum. This was a great opportunity for students and the universities to represent themselves to a global audience.


Today the world of research is more conducive to international collaboration than it has ever been before. By building relationships with international colleagues at forums such as this, students are forging relationships that can positively yield scientific advances which affect countless people around the world.



The 2016 International Student Research Forum will be held at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Yanqihu campus) from June 12 to 16, 2016. UCAS will provide local accommodation and meals during the meeting period at UCAS Yanqihu campus in Beijing.


Presentation details:

The organization committee for the 2016 International Student Research Forum is pleased to invite you to submit scientific abstract for presentation at the 2016 International Student Research Forum.

Please note that presentation will be limited to 10 minutes and 5 minutes for questions.

Please use .PPT, .PPTX or PDF files, and videos may not be played properly.

Please use the online registration system to add your abstract ( 150-200 words) and photo (less than 300kb, jpg). If they are not submitted by the deadline there can be no guarantee that your information will appear in the booklet.

Registration closes

29 April 2016


Registration website:

ISRF 2016 website:



Traditional Chinese Skills Learning

Tips: each participant needs to choose one traditional skill to learn.

#1: Peanuts vs Chopsticks

Get as many peanuts as possible with chopsticks

#2: Chinese calligraphy

Write “福” ( fortune) to win the calligraphy competition.

#3: Chinese folk papercut

Learn to make a “囍”( double happiness) or “福”or just a simple flower to win the papercut competition.

#4: Chinese knots

Learn to make a simple Chinese knot.

#5: Tai Chi

Try to learn some simple moves. Souvenirs available for the performance.

#6 : Shuttlecock kicking

#7: Square dance



If you can't register online properly. You can downlod this word file, and send it to Or you can write to for the file directly.